How To Insert Attachments

By , 26 May 2014

How To Insert Attachments
How To Insert Attachments

You're probably used to sending attachments by email - a PDF catalogue or Excel spreadsheet. If you want your visitors to be able to download attachments from a web page or newsletter you can do this easily too by inserting an attachment as a link.

To insert an attachment take the following steps:

1. Find the page you want to edit and click 'Edit Content'

2. Select the text you want to link to the attachment.

3. Click the Insert Link button.

4. Select the Upload tab and choose the file to attach from your computer.

5. Select 'Send To Server' and wait for the file to upload.

6. Press OK and save your changes.

That's all there is to it!


How To Insert Attachments

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How To Insert Attachments

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