Images Made Easy

By , 21 July 2008

Images Made Easy

Many of our customers have had some difficulty inserting images and attachments on their web pages. To make the process more intuitive we've removed all the hoops you had to jump through so that now inserting images and attachments is very simple.

There are two changes. The first is a new "Insert Attachment" button on the editor toolbar: This button shows the following dialog which allows you to upload an attachment (eg. a pdf file):

Images Made Easy

When you click 'OK', a link is inserted into the web page to download your attachment.

The second change is the new "Choose file:" area on the insert image dialog:

Simply use the browse button to select the file from your computer, and you are done! You can still resize the image using the width and height fields. The image will be resized before it is downloaded, so this method is bandwidth-friendly.

Try it out! We are sure you'll find the new method much easier.

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Images Made Easy

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