The Game Of Your Life

By , 13 April 2014

The Game Of Your Life
The Game Of Your Life

A new application has hit the market and this one may just transform your life. From the creators of Sunburnt Internet Marketing, the game is based on research into human motivation and the brain's reward system, and is designed to make improving your life fun. "The Game Of Your Life" turns your life into a game by helping you to create quests, set bounties, and assign points and track your progress.

The objective of the game is to earn points for doing things that make you awesome. It's very simple - just set yourself some bounties and let the app sort them so you get the best return on your time. Once you complete an activity, you reward yourself the points and see your daily score increase.

The Game Of Your Life

Maybe it's something as simple as going for a run or calling a friend. Maybe it's something bigger like closing a deal or performing in public. Or perhaps you want to kick some bad habits like smoking or eating too much pork. Whatever you want you can trick your brain into doing it (or not doing it) by assigning the activity some points.

The Game Of Your Life will improve your life by changing your mindset such that you will:

  •  Affirm your real values by assigning points to your activities.
  •  Focus on the benefits of your activities rather than the costs.
  •  Be motivated to finish your activities and get your reward.
  •  Stop caring about what other people think about what you do.
  •  Procrastinate less.

But how can such a simple application possibly achieve so much? Well, it exploits several established psychological phenomenon to literally trick you into improving your life. These are:

  • Present Focus Bias. Future rewards don't interest us, but an immediate rewards will motivate us to act.
  • Reward Substition. The application uses virtual rewards which, it turns out, are just as good as real ones.
  • Intrinsic Motivation. Bounties and rewards are self assigned, encouraging you to judge yourself by your own standards.
  • Extrinsic Motivation. The danger of pure intrinsic motivation is perfectionism, but by valuing each bounty in points these traps are avoided.

The app has just been released on Google Play and is available on most Android devices. You can download The Game Of Your Life here:

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The Game Of Your Life

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