RSS Update Feed Enabled For Your Website

5 January 2011

RSS Update Feed Enabled For Your Website

Hi and happy new year!

This year we have a number of improvements planned for our Web and Email Marketing services, and we're glad to announce the first is already finished. The latest update enables automatic RSS news feeds for your website. RSS feeds allow visitors to subscribe to new content published on your website using their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Phone, iTunes, netbook, and a whole lot of other devices and applications.

Here is an example of someone who has subscribed to several RSS feeds on their iPhone:

RSS Update Feed Enabled For Your Website

When you press on of the feeds you can see all the latest articles from that website. It's a pretty handy way to keep up to date on news from all over the web.

You don't need to do anything to setup your RSS feed. Most browsers will let the visitor know about the feed when they visit your site. For example, Firefox displays the RSS icon next to the domain name when there is a feed available:

If you would like to promote your RSS feed more actively, we can arrange for a prominent graphic and link to be displayed appropriately on your website, including a help icon to tell your visitors how to use the RSS feed. Your RSS link will be incorporated in your site template and will appear on every page of your website. You can choose from one of the following icons, or use one you have found yourself:

The cost of adding an RSS subscription graphic like those above, including a help link is just $29 and if you get back to us by the 12th of January, we will give you a 10% discount. Just send us an email at and we'll update your site so you can get as many subscribers as possible.

Best wishes for 2011.


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