New Website Designer Changes Everything

21 May 2012

New Website Designer Changes Everything

Sunburnt SEO is proud to announce that our new Design Editor is now online and it lets you change every aspect of your website and email designs including fonts, colours, layout, banners, page width, decorations and more.

While our old designer let you customise your banner and a few other options, the new designer changes everything by .. well. .. letting you change everything!

  • Choose your fonts, colours and line spacing.
  • Preview your design live after every style change.
  • Create custom banners or select from our stock banners.
  • Change the position of your banner, menu, and sidebar(s).
  • Change the size of your page, banner and sidebar(s).
  • Select a horizontal or vertical style menu.
  • Choose between fixed with and fluid (percentage) layouts.
  • Create custom backgrounds or select from our stock backgrounds.
  • Create as many designs as you want.
  • Apply different designs to different sections of your website.
  • Add CSS for advanced fine-grained control of your designs.

The new designer lets you create, edit and save any number of different designs which you can then apply to different sections of your website.

New Website Designer Changes Everything

To use the new designer, you go to the "Website Builder" menu and select "Design Editor".

Online Website Designer

Here are some of the options you'll see:

Website Designer Page Layout

Online Website Designer Color Themes

Website Design Banners

Website Design Fonts

When you select an option the preview will update so you can see instantly exactly how it will look online. Save your designs and select one as the default design, or apply designs to your website folders and individual pages when you add or edit them:

Online Website Designer

The new designer makes it easy to create and revert your designs, so give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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