Organising Your Website Using Folders

30 October 2008

Organising Your Website Using Folders

Hello Sunburnt Customers,

Many of you have noticed that there have been some updates made to our software recently. This was done to make it easier for you to organise the content on your website by arranging it into folders.

Organising Your Website Using Folders

Each of your folders has a number of options you can set to change the way the items are displayed. For example, here is a picture of one of the products folders on the new MotoRevo website:

and here is a picture of the news folder from the Redcliffe Tigers website, which uses a different layout:

As you can tell, there is a fair bit of flexibility in how the folder contents are displayed. You'll see the relevant options when you edit or create a folder:

We've also simplified the names used for creating new items. Here are the new names and the old equivalents:

New Old
folder album, category
page page
article news, article, fragment
link shortcut, iframe
file file, photo

Note that 'add photo' is now simply 'add file'. The software recognises files which are photos and creates thumbnails automatically.

The Content Manager (under the Website menu when you login) has also been improved to make it easier to arrange your content. Please note that you can use the Content Manager to manually arrange your items when the folder sort order is 'Manual'.

So that's it! Hopefully you will find the new folders concept useful for arranging your website content.


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