Plans for 2009

By , 18 November 2008

Plans for 2009

Hi all,

This is just a short email to let you know my movements next year. I'll be working from overseas for an undetermined period so I can improve my language skills and do the odd bit of cycling in new places. Business will continue as normal, except that:

  • We will no longer be accepting cheque payments. Direct debit and credit card are no problem.
  • I'll be on my bike most of January so this won't be a good time to start new projects.
Plans for 2009

Otherwise there will be no major changes. Our software has been working really well and it's great to see so many of our customers putting it to good use. The main focus for 2009 will be on improving the support materials (videos and articles), adding a few missing features and making the system as simple as possible to use.

In the meantime, salamat tinggal!

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Plans for 2009

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