New Plans From $7.95

4 September 2008

New Plans From $7.95

In order to better accommodate all organisations regardless of their size, we've lowered the entry price for our Sunburnt Portals system to $7.95 / month and added some addition bands for heavier users.

All plans give you access to our full suite of software including the website manager, mailing list manager, webmail and accounting applications (for more information on this software, please visit The new pricing plan is as follows:

New Plans From $7.95
  Server Rental
Bwdth/mth Price/mth
Sunburnt Portals 250 MB 250 MB $7.95
Sunburnt Portals 500 MB 500 MB $12.95
Sunburnt Portals 1 GB 1 GB $17.95
Sunburnt Portals 2 GB 2 GB $22.95
Sunburnt Portals 4 GB 4 GB $27.95
Sunburnt Portals 8 GB 8 GB $32.95

Please see for our complete price schedule.

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