How To Manage Your Product Inventory

28 January 2013

How To Manage Your Product Inventory

If you've been using our online store and making some sales through your website you might have wondered what happens if somebody orders a product that is out of stock. Well, now we have a new feature to automatically handle this problem for you.

When you create a new product on your website, you'll see the following option to enter your stock levels for that product:

Shoppers cannot add more items to their cart than your available stock and your stock levels will be double checked when they confirm and pay their order. Once an order is confirmed the stock level is reduced so the next shopper will not be able to over-order either.

When your stock reaches zero, customers will still see the product page (which is important for search engines) but will see the message "Now out of stock!" and will not be able to purchase that product.

When new stock arrives, just edit the product page and update the stock level.

How To Manage Your Product Inventory

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