Adwords Service Launched!

By , 20 September 2007

Adwords Service Launched!

Sunburnt Web Services is pleased to announce the launch of our new Adwords Search Engine Marketing service.

We've spent many months refining and perfecting our Adwords process and strategy and are now ready to apply it to your business to create more opportunities for you.

Adwords Service Launched!

Google Adwords is a product which allows you to bid for text advertisements on Google's search engine results pages (as shown below) and gain exposure to huge number of your potential customers. There are plenty of reasons to use adwords:

  • reach a global audience
  • target your adverts to any location on the globe and/or time of day
  • only pay per click, i.e. when visitors click on your ads
  • easily measure the exact performance and ROI of your campaign
  • attract customers who are ready to purchase!

Adwords is an excellent product, but it is very mathematical and newbies often get burnt because they don't understand how the system works.

Our 4-phase process is designed to achieve nothing less than "Adwords Perfection". We continually optimise your campaign by split testing ads and landing pages, removing unproductive ads and keywords, managing CPCs for optimal ad position and ROI, choosing keywords which give the best return and tweaking the vast array of options available in a typical search engine marketing campaign. At the end of each month we provide you with a monthly report evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

If you are interested in starting an Adwords campaign for your business, please feel free to contact us on (07) 3117 9661, or at

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Adwords Service Launched!

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