Introducing Portals

By , 29 June 2008

Introducing Portals

Dear Valued Customer,

Over the past several months we have been implementing a major upgrade of our software and systems in order to bring you what we are calling our "Portals" system. With Portals, you can access all your essential business software simply by logging in at your website. You may notice that you now have a new menu bar on your website which reflects this change. You can use the menu bar to access all the software we have installed for you including:

  • The Content Manager
  • Your Webstats (updated daily)
  • Your Group Mailing lists
  • Your Webmail
  • Your Junk Mail
  • Your General Ledger, Accounts Journals and Customer database (eCommerce customers)
  • Support videos, articles and documentation
Introducing Portals

We are very excited about the new Portals system, and hope to be able to offer you more and more great applications as we develop them. For starters, we have made our Mailing List Manager available to all our customers. Look for the Mailing Lists link under the Email menu. Other applications we are developing include:

  • A new domain name manager.
  • A fully fledged accounting system based on double-entry principles.
  • An online calendar / organiser.
  • A backup service allowing you to copy your files directly to our server using Windows Explorer / Apple Finder / Nautalis

We are also continuing to improve our existing web, email and ecommerce products to make your life easier and more productive.

There is no change to our pricing model under Portals. Everything is available for the same single monthly subscription fee based on your bandwidth and disk usage. It's all a part of our new mission to provide our customers with a service that is ridiculously good value.

If you have any problems with our new platform, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy Financial New Year!

Roger Keays
Sunburnt Software (new name too, do you like it?)

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Introducing Portals

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