New Sunburnt SEO Toolbar

By , 18 August 2012

New Sunburnt SEO Toolbar

Sunburnt SEO is happy to announce a new Free SEO Toolbar for your browser. The toolbar displays various SEO metrics as you browse including Blekko Rank, PageRank, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter statistics.

Sunburnt SEO Toolbar for Chrome

The metrics currently supported are

Domains Metrics

Page Metrics

The toolbar is currently available for Google Chrome browsers, and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. If there is enough interest we may also create a Firefox version.

Install Sunburnt SEO Toolbar Now!

New Sunburnt SEO Toolbar

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New Sunburnt SEO Toolbar

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Comment posted by: gilanlands, 2 months ago

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Comment posted by: gilanlands, 2 months ago

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Comment posted by: شرکت طرح زیبا, 7 months ago

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Comment posted by: نمای کامپوزیت, 7 months ago

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