What Is Blekko Rank?

23 August 2012

What Is Blekko Rank?

Blekko Rank is a measure of the authority of a domain as determined by the Blekko search engine. A higher number is better. We like Blekko Rank because it uses a linear scale from 0 to infinity which makes the difference in authority between domains very clear. E.g.

Domain Blekko Rank PageRank
facebook.com 20,623 9
www.time.com 4,343 8
www.thersa.org 477 6
inductivist.blogspot.com 36 5
www.trifit.org.au 2 1

See how Blekko Rank shows just how much more popular Facebook is than Time. Other domain authority scores like PageRank use a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10 which paints a less accurate picture of the difference in authority between two domains. 

Blekko Rank data comes directly from the Blekko search engine who use the data as part of their ranking algorithm.

Our SEO Toolbar shows the Blekko Rank of sites you visit as you browse the web.

What Is Blekko Rank?

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