How To Create a Photo Album

13 February 2009

How To Create a Photo Album
How To Create a Photo Album


Hi, and welcome to another Sunburnt video tutorial. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to create photo albums on your website.

Here we are on the demo server homepage, and we've already logged in. A photo album is just a special type of folder, so to create one we click 'add item here' and select 'Folder'. Give the album a title and, if you like, a heading. Next, click the presentation tab and select the 'Photo Gallery' layout. You can further customise the layout by selecting the number of columns for your album, date formats and so forth.

Click save, and now we have our empty photo album. To add photos we simply use 'add item here' and select 'Photo'. Choose the photo from your computer, give it a caption, and if you like, a summary (or description). Don't worry about the size of photo, the software will resize it for you as you'll see when we hit 'Save'.

Here's the photo we just added. If we view the album, you'll see a thumbnail is automatically created for the new photo. Let's add some more photos, by going back to 'Add Photo'. We choose the file, give it a caption and if we have several photos to add, we use the 'Save and Repeat' button to continue adding photos one after the other. We'll add one more, and select 'Save'.

If we take a look at the photo album now, you'll see the three photos we just added. Click on any of the photos to see the big version.

Thanks for watching this Sunburnt video tutorial, and have fun adding your photos to your website!

How To Create a Photo Album

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