How To Send An Email To Your Mailing List

25 January 2008

How To Send An Email To Your Mailing List
How To Send An Email To Your Mailing List


Hi, and welcome to another Sunburnt video tutorial. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to send an email to your mailing lists.

Here we are on the demo server, and we can access our mailing lists by following the 'Mailing Lists' link under the 'Email' menu. On this page you can create new mailing lists, and add, import and export subscribers.

In addition to manually adding or importing subscribers, your can also create a subscription page so your visitors can do this themselves. We'll do that now by going to the homepage, clicking 'add item here' and selecting 'Subscription Page'. When we save this page you'll see the subscription form for your visitors at the bottom.

Now that you have your mailing lists set up, you can easily send content from your website to your subscribers. For example, here we have a recent news article that we want to send out. Simply open the article, click 'send this article' and select who you want to send it to. You can choose from your mailing lists on the left, and also add individual recipients on the right, one per line.

You can preview the email as it will look when delivered, and if you're happy with the article just click the send button. The page returns immediately and reports the number of recipients. If you have a large number of subscribers, it may take some time for the mail to actually be sent.

If we check our inbox now we can see that the news article has been delivered. The email looks just like the article on the website, except for the addition of an unsubscribe link at the bottom which your users can use to opt-out of your newsletters.

Thanks for watching this Sunburnt video tutorial, and good luck sending emails to your mailing lists!

How To Send An Email To Your Mailing List

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