How Google Killed The Long Tail

By , 2 December 2011

How Google Killed The Long Tail

This year was a year of big change in Search Engine Optimisation. Google particularly have made some sweeping changes to their algorithm. Google are now

  • listening to social network signals such as tweets, shares and likes
  • placing more emphasis on recognised brand names
  • rewarding fresh content for some search queries
  • penalising "low quality content" heavily
  • pushing their own products more agressively
  • hiding query keywords from webmasters

Take a look at the infographic below to see how and why these changes have been made. As you will see, SEO remains a game of cat and mouse.

Or more accurately, "500-pound gorilla" and mouse.

How Google Killed The Long Tail

How Google Killed the Longtail Infographic.

Infographic by SEO Book

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How Google Killed The Long Tail

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