Google SEO Hack - Put "Facebook" In Your Page Title

By , 23 June 2011

Google SEO Hack - Put "Facebook" In Your Page Title

Today I Googled myself. It's really interesting to see what Google are doing with social networking. The first page of results were nearly all links to my profile on various social networks I am a member of. A few years ago this was not the case.

That didn't surprise me much though. We all know that Google has been paying close attention to what people are saying on Facebook and other social websites. What surprised me though was that a page I wrote with the word "Facebook" in the title showed up in the results.

Although it only shows up on page 5, the page shouldn't be even showing up on page 50. There are no external links to this page, it isn't written in English and it doesn't even have my name on it (although I did post it).

Google SEO Hack - Put "Facebook" In Your Page Title

The page is just a post of a French word and a Japanese word I learnt one day from my Facebook friends. Hence the title Facebook Vocab. Take a look at the page by clicking the image above if you like.

In the past I've seen outgoing links to Facebook and other authority sites improve rankings (article on this coming soon), but just adding "Facebook" to your page title? It seems too easy...

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Google SEO Hack - Put "Facebook" In Your Page Title

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