How To Write Keyword-Rich Titles

By , 24 June 2011

How To Write Keyword-Rich Titles

One of the biggest and simplest factors in getting good search engine rankings is having a Good Page Title and URL. But not only is your title important for the search engines, it is also vital to attract real visitors to your content. Titles are so important in fact, that many people make a living entirely out of coming up with and testing titles on the web and in print media (like newspapers for example).

So what makes a good title? Well, that's an excellent topic, but to be honest I don't have the time to write a thesis about it. I just want traffic and search engine rankings, and I want them now.

So I'm going to teach you a little trick.

How To Write Keyword-Rich Titles

This is all you have to do when you want to test a few prospective titles for your content. Go to Google Trends at, put in a few test phrases and pick the one people are searching for most.

For example, I've started a page of links to my favourite online resources for learning Spanish. To decide what to call the page, I went to Google Trends and entered the following titles:

  • learn spanish online
  • learn spanish free
  • free spanish online
  • spanish resources

And here is what Google told me:

Google Trends

"Learn Spanish Free" and "Learn Spanish Online" both get a lot of searches, while my original ideas get practically none. In the end I called the page "Learn Spanish Free Online Resources" which includes both the top search terms and also reads reasonably well for my human visitors.

That's all there is to it! I also mentioned the importance of your URL at the start of this article. Well, if you're using our software, it creates a search-engine optimised URL to match your page title, so you can sleep easy about that one. Search engines just luuuuurv matching titles and URLs.

Until next time.

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How To Write Keyword-Rich Titles

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