Backend Improvements - Edit Faster

By , 12 July 2012

Backend Improvements - Edit Faster

Hey there,

Today we've deployed some changes to the backend to help you get around a bit faster. We have added a new tabbed masthead menu at the top of the page which replaces the old drop-down ones. The problem with the old menu was that it hid all the features of our software.

Take a look at the screenshots below of the new masthead. You'll see all the links you need in the masthead, and more space on the screen to do your edits and updates.

Backend Improvements - Edit Faster

With this update, we've dropped support for Internet Explorer 7. Facebook and Google dropped IE7 over a year ago, so we'll be surprised if you still have it. Nevertheless, if you do login with IE7 you will see the message below with links to upgrade your browser.

Feel free to send any feedback on the masthead to We always welcome constructive feedback.


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Backend Improvements - Edit Faster

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