Tracking Your Newsletter Readers

By , 24 September 2015

Tracking Your Newsletter Readers
Tracking Your Newsletter Readers

Hi all,

We've added a new feature to our platform recently to give your more insight into the number of people and type of people that read your newsletters. If you take a look at your delivery stats you'll notice a few new columns on this page:

Each delivery now includes statistics on the number of people who opened the email, the number of email addresses which bounced and the number of people who unsubscribed using the unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

You can also click through to get more detailed reader statistics. The graph below shows the days which readers opened the newsletter.

You can also see where your readers live, by country, state and even city. This example uses the United States, but the same details apply to all countries.

Some other statistics which can be quite useful are the devices your readers are using (mobile or desktop) and the time of day they read your newsletter.

Similar statistics are also available for your website visitors as you probably already realise. We've just integrated the tracking of newsletter readers with the tracking of website visitors so you can take advantage of all the goodness of our analytics platform.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email (if you're reading this as an email), or pop them in the comments below (if you're reading this online).


Tracking Your Newsletter Readers

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Tracking Your Newsletter Readers

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