Domain Name Registration

Domain names are already as important (if not more) to a business as their trading name, company name and trademarks. Finding a good domain name is very difficult and the chances are you won't be able to get the exact name you want.

In case you missed the plot, a domain name is a name which people use to refer to your website or email - such as or

We can help you secure domain names which are memorable and relevant to your organisation. All the domains you register with us can be used for your website and email and are interchangeable. For example, if you register and you can use them both. In this example, we registered the first domain for the dash-separated keywords and the second domain for use over the phone.

Some good reasons to register extra domain names in addition to your main domain name are to:

  • Protect Your Brand Name
  • Get Coveted Endings Like .com .co .net and
  • Secure Keyword Rich Domains
  • Secure Short Names for Email Addresses
  • Secure Easy-To-Say Names for Phone Conversations
  • Secure Memorable Names
  • Allow for Typos and Common Misspellings

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Domain Name Registration