Website Builder And New Web Design Prices!

4 September 2009

Website Builder And New Web Design Prices!

Sunburnt Web Design is happy to announce the addition of several new products and packages to our array of offerings. Firstly, our unique website builder is back for the enterprising enthusiast who fancies setting up their own website. Building your own website with the website builder is a great way to stretch your budget, because there is absolutely no setup cost. Even if you aren't interested in the product, you should at least watch the video ad, because it's really cool.

Secondly, we've added a new Starter Web Design package at a reduced price to our Premium Web Design package. With the Starter package you can get your business up and running with a professional looking website that is search-engine friendly for only $449 plus GST. The premium package, which caters for larger groups, includes additional design and search-engine optimisation, an integrated search engine and our email marketing product, all for just $699 plus GST. View our web design packages online for more details.

Website Builder And New Web Design Prices!

Finally, some of our prices have changed. Domain names have been cut to $39/yr, and the cap on our monthly rental / hosting has increased marginally to $27.25. You still get unlimited traffic, unlimited emails and 24/7 access to update your website, so it still represents fantastic value, especially considering many of our heaviest users have tens of thousands of visitors per month. We also now have a fixed rate for editing. Please view our online price list for all the details.

We're also looking forward to launching some new services soon, based around search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. Gone are the days of simply setting up a website and watching the business flow in, and for this reason we're tailoring some packages to help maximise the potential of your website and give you the best possible return on investment.

Stay tuned!


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