10% Price Cut

24 November 2009

10% Price Cut

Dear Sunburnt Customers,

As a small business, we are not obligated to collect GST and from today all our products and services will be GST free. Our net prices remain unchanged, so the gross prices will reduced by 10%.

Many of you know how collecting GST can make a mess of your cashflows. To add to the frustration, consider that there is no net benefit to you, us or the government in a typical business to business transaction. You pay us GST, we give it to the government, then they give in back to you. Instead, we'd just like you to keep your money in the first place.

10% Price Cut

As a longer term solution the plan is to approach the government proposing that business to business transactions be GST exempt. If you are interested in this concept, or have any contributions to offer on the subject, please feel free to reply to this email.



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