Help us build the Roadmap

By , 16 July 2007

Help us build the Roadmap

At Sunburnt Web Services, we began development on our own inhouse Content Management System (CMS) mostly because of the disappointing performance and confused design that seemed to be pervasive in all the existing products we tried.

Well, after being in operation for a few years, we've found the performance of our Site Manager CMS is fantastic, and the lean design has made it possible for us to develop and distribute add-on modules without messily hacking the core system.

Help us build the Roadmap

But now, we'd like to make our software even better - and we'd like your 2 cents too. What are your biggest gripes about our software? What are your favourite features? How do you think we could make your life easier with our system? If you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to add a comment to this news article or send us an email at

Naturally we are heavy users of our own software, and we feel that the biggest area for improvement is the user interface. The Navigator, which is used to access all the functions of the software, but can also unhelpfully overlap parts of the page, is going to be scrapped and replaced with a full page version. The new navigator will make managing your content less frustrating.

A new masthead component will be used to make accessing different functionality of the software more elegant by using tabs. For example, some available tabs might be 'Content', 'Users', 'Mailing Lists', and 'Customers'.

Our current list of improvements includes:

  • CMS improvements:
    • New navigator
    • New masthead
    • Revisioning support
    • 'Remember me' login option
    • Better support for styles in the editor
    • Improved pager
    • Even better performance
  • Mailing Lists module:
    • Improved UI for searching, sorting and filtering subscribers
    • Ability to resend validation messages
    • More statistics on bouncing addresses
    • More delivery statistics
  • Commerce module:
    • New General Ledger UI
    • Improved invoice tracking
    • Improved UI for managing customers
    • New Paypal module for lighter eCommerce requirements

We're also planning a series of training videos to help you get the most out of your site and our software. Stay tuned too, for news on our new Search Engine Marketing services which will be finalised this quarter.

Any feedback and feature requests you would like to make are most welcome.


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Help us build the Roadmap

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