Updating Website Design

3 March 2009

Updating Website DesignUpdating Website Design

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 15 years ago

Oh.. I also noticed you guys are using Facebook a lot now. Did you want to set up a forum on the UQ Dance website? It's pretty easy to do and your members can make their own profiles (@see http://www.sunshinecoastcycling.com.au/forum). A forum can take some of the load off the committee WRT news and announcements.

Just let me know.

Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 15 years ago

Hi Chris, Sorry about the delay on this. I've now set you up to use our stock themes. The metal/white theme looks pretty decent.

Comment posted by: Chris Camel, 15 years ago

 Can you switch us over to manual so we can try out some of the available themes.  The metal/white theme is what i would like to work with in the mean time.  In the future, a design which incorporates the fader as mentioned above would be great. Horizontal menus as per your article sounds good as well.  And you are right about a black background.  I wasn't thinking black background behind the text, just behind the menus and the edges much like the metal/white theme.  I have got a logo read for a black background, and it looks fantastic! So if we switch it over to manual, we can see what t could look like.


Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 15 years ago

Hi Chris,

If you like that theme we can do definitely do something for similar. We already have a white on black theme for a few sites (e.g. http://www.sg-d.com.au/). You use a lot of different colours for the text on your site though, and many of those old news items won't be very readable on a black background.

For the photos in the theme I was thinking I might be able to create a fader / scroller which chooses photos from your photo albums at random. That way we can reuse the software for other sites.

I always recommend horizontal menus over vertical menus: @see http://www.ilikespam.com/blog/horizontal-vs-vertical-menus for some thoughts on this.


Comment posted by: Chris Camel, 15 years ago

 Hey Rog,


Check that template out.  What would you think of a design like that? Sort of what we have got now, but with a shuffle around?


Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 15 years ago

Hi Chris, thanks for posting your question to the forum. There are a handful of themes already available (see http://www.sunburnt.com.au/themes2) but none that I would really recommend for UQ Dance. Lucky for you I'm planning to build some more themes ASAP. If you post the links to some sites you like we can probably build something similar (but without blatantly copying).

With our stock themes, you can also customise the banners and default fonts. Since you currently aren't using a stock theme, I'll have to switch it over manually once we have found one you like. Once this is done you will be able to change theme whenever you like.

Post the links to the templates you like and we can take it from there.

Cheers, Rog

Comment posted by: , 15 years ago


I want to update our UQDance website.  I like the functionality of our surrent site, but want a spruce-up! How would i go about this? Is it possible to use templates i have seen elsewhere on the net? Do you have any that i might be able to play with?