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18 March 2009

Error 404Error 404

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Comment posted by: Julie Bonar, 15 years ago

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your help regarding this defect.  I am still seeing this error 404 when I delete a product.  It still comes up in the search as a 404 not found.  I tried deleting by going into the products list as well but this did not make a difference.  Any ideas?


Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 15 years ago

Hi Julie,

This is definitely a defect, and I will look into it ASAP. For the meantime, I've rebuilt your search index so those deleted items shouldn't show up anymore. Please let me know if they do.

Thanks for letting me know about this problem.


Comment posted by: Julie Bonar, 15 years ago

When a product is deleted you can still 'search' for this product and it comes up 404 Not Found.  How do you delete the product entirely from the website?