Site Manager 2.0 Released

By , 28 January 2007

Site Manager 2.0 Released

Sunburnt Web Services is pleased to announce the release of Site Manager 2.0, a new version of the site administration software which runs our websites. Site Manager 2.0 has many new features which make managing your site simpler, faster and more productive than ever before.

Site Manager 2.0 Released

These features include:

  • A new navigator (shown right) to make it simpler to organise and edit your site, as well as access administration functions.
  • A file manager which integrates into the editor to make it easier to insert links and images from the site.
  • A quick upload dialog integrating into the new file manager (shown below) which allows you to upload a file or image and insert a link in one step.

  • Automatic server-side image resizing, so that when you provide a width or a height for an image, it is resized before it is downloaded.

  • Improved list management capabilities.
  • A complete user manual, now available online: Site Manager 2.0 User Manual

Contact us today on 07 3117 9661 to discuss upgrading your site.

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Site Manager 2.0 Released

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