No More Limits

By , 31 January 2009

No More Limits

Dear existing and prospective customers,

We have noticed that many of you have businesses which are growing rapidly and are becoming more and more reliant on your website, email and other Internet applications. That's why we offer you unlimited web pages, unlimited email addresses and free online applications. You wouldn't think it gets much better than that would you? Well, it just did. Today, we're happy to announce a very special new offer now applicable for all of our customers...

Unlimited Bandwidth!

Whaaaaaat!? I can hear you ask. How is that possible?

Well, here is the truth.

No More Limits

We don't care how much bandwidth you use. There is plenty to go around. We don't care how many users you have or how many web pages you create or how many email addresses you set up. Our systems can handle it, no sweat. Heck, set up web pages and email accounts for your goldfish if your really want - it's no skin off our back.

What we do care about is that our customers are getting good value for money. So that's why we came up with a new pricing plan that is fair, and doesn't hold you back from letting your business grow. The new plan is simple and is based on how much relative load your server consumes. Our lightest users pay the least (from $3.95 / month), and our heaviest users pay the most (capped at $27.95 / month). For example:

Load Cost
0% $3.95 / month
50% $15.95 / month
100% (cap) $27.95 / month

Your exact cost varies according to your exact load. Existing customers can see their current and previous load from the Monthly Usage page in the Server menu:

We believe the new system offers excellent value for money and we're sure you'll agree!

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Web Pages

Unlimited Email

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Applications

From $3.95/mnth

Capped at $27.95/mnth

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No More Limits

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