Financing Your Web Development

17 June 2010

Financing Your Web Development

Dear Existing and Prospective Sunburnt Customers,

We have recently created a new financing option for your web development plans and would like to offer you:

  • a Low interest rate of just 9.5% pa.
  • Up to 30 days interest free.
  • Minimum monthly payment of just 2.5% of your balance.

If you are an existing customer, the new minimum payments will be shown on your monthly invoices and you can take advantage of this offer simply by paying your account partially rather than in full.

If you are a prospective customer, we only require your deposit as quoted, and the rest may be paid according to the above financing plan.

Financing Your Web Development

The complete, updated terms and conditions including the details described in this offer can be viewed on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by replying to this email.


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